Deadly Deals

Deadly Deals

Deadly deals is a project that started 6 years ago. It all started as a Fanfiction of the Princess and the Frog. While writing the story started to be more my own and I started to re-write it as an original story. These were the first sketches I made while re-writing it.

While writing and drawing the story a contest came up. Here you had to send a full story in two pages. I accepted the challenge and tried to make Deadly Deals as short as possible. I did not win the contest but I did make it to the semi-finales.

After the contest I made Deadly Deals my graduation project. So I started to develop the characters.

After the Character and scenery development I started finishing my Project. And soon this story will be presented in the Colaboration Oyasumi.

While working on the project I stumbled upon a different project called Inktober. So again I mixed it with my deadly deals And here is the complete result.